Friends of Hawthorne Park
JAZZ IN HAWTHORNE PARK JAZZ PIANIST DAVE POSMONTIER AND HIS BAND FREE CONCERT Thursday, August 16, 2018 @ 7 p.m. Hawthorne Park, 12 th  & Catharine Streets The   Friends   of   Hawthorne   Park   and   Jazz   Bridge   present Philly   jazz   keyboard   player   Davie   Posmontier   and   his   band in   a   free   evening   concert   of   live   jazz   this   Thursday,   August 16,   starting   at   7   p.m.   Bring   your   kids,   blankets   and   lawn chairs   and   enjoy   an   evening   of   terrific   music   in   beautiful Hawthorne Park! Dave   Posmontier   has   played   keyboard   since   age   seven   and   professionally   for   50   years.   In the   70's,   Dave   played   in   an   organ   trio   with    Philly   jazz   greats   Mickey   Roker   and    Bootsie Barnes ,   and    also   joined   a   trio   with    Philly’s   Tony   Williams   and    Al   Jackson .   Later,   he   worked with   guitarist   Steve   Giordano,   playing   contemporary,   original   music   using   piano,   organ, synthesizers   and   voices.   In   1980,   Dave,   his   brother    Rich,   and   drummer    Tom   Cohen   formed the     Posmontier    Brothers    Quintet,    performing    at    concerts    and    clubs    and    on    radio    and television   throughout   the   Philadelphia   area.   Dave   has   performed   and   recorded   with   many   of the   finest   jazz   artists   in   the   country,   including,   to   name   a   few,   Christian   McBride,   Chris Potter,   Grover   Washington   Jr.,   David   "Fathead"   Newman,   and   Johnny   Hartman,   and Philly’s  Duane Eubanks, Mickey Roker, John Blake, John Swana and Larry McKenna.  The   Friends   of   Hawthorne   Park    is   a   501(c)(3)   nonprofit   supporting   Hawthorne   Park   and   the   Hawthorne Neighborhood    of    South    Philadelphia.    Find    us    online    at     and    on    Facebook.                                        The   Jazz   Bridge   Project    is   an   award   winning   non-profit   501   (c)(3)   organization   dedicated   to   assisting   jazz   and blues   musicians   in   the   Philadelphia   area   in   their   time   of   crisis.   To   learn   more   about   Jazz   Bridge,   become   a volunteer   or   give   your   support,   visit   us   online   at    or   call   215-517-8337.   This   concert   is supported   by   Philadelphia   Parks   &   Recreation,   Fairmount   Park   Conservancy,   MLK   Homeowners   Association, and 11 th  Street Auto Repair .                        RAIN DATE:  THURSDAY, AUGUST 23